Chris Koivu

Full Stack Web Developer

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Chris Koivu

Full Stack Web Developer

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What I do

Full Stack Web Developer 


Drupal is a PHP based Content Management Framework. It is superior to Wordpress in that it can do much more than blogs. It can be extendable through custom code and  themes. Currently I am an independent contractor with Florida Blue and we use Drupal, React,  and Node JS on our websites.

React JS

React is a javascript library maintained by Facebook. Its main benefit is the use of a concept known as the virtual dom. This allows only the portion of the page that was modified to be rendered. This results in fast delivery of content.

Node JS

Node JS is a javascript runtime environment that allows execution of javascript code outside of a web browser. it can run server side scripts to produce dynamic content before the page is sent to the browser. It provides an architecture that is capable of providing asynchronous I/O


Full Stack Web Developer based in Jacksonville FL

October 2015 - Present


Contractor currently working on projects for Florida Blue as a Full Stack web developer using React JS, Bloomreach (Java Based CMS), and Drupal (PHP Based CMS). Development involved creating and maintenance of multiple Drupal websites, Migrating several existing Drupal websites to Bloomreach CMS, and developed a chatbot application component using React JS,  and Node JS, that used a  Rasa based chatbot api, and also integrated this for live agent chat.


May 2004 - Nov 2018

JP Morgan Chase

Developed several applications to assist in the underwriting process. Tools implemented technologies such as Java, ReactJS, Javascript, VB.Net, and Visual Basic for Applications. Developed algorithms to determine net present value, future value, time value calculations to determine the monthly payment over an ammortization period, and projected payments and alternate ammortization schedules based on a customers income to debt ratio. Also created applications to calculate corporate advances and legal costs incurred on a loan in scenarios where a customer was in bankruptcy or foreclosure.